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Concrete Table

By Lincoln Brooks.

Polymer Concrete Tables.

The polymer concrete top is usually manufactured in a thickness of 5cm. Formed as a tri-dimensional structure it combines non-saturated polyester resin, fiberglass, cement, mineral filler and polyurethane coating; the end result shows a reasonable weight, an incredible mechanical strength and major usability advantages as described in detail below.

The top part of the composite is made of ultra performing fibre reinforced concrete, PU protected, called ULTRACEM. It is a polymer concrete made of various aggregates, with a resin-binding agent.

It is a reliable material, highly compact with an excellent homogeneity; the presence of fibres refrains the appearance of cracks: being non porous, it is frost resistant and permanently watertight.

ULTRACEM is totally insensitive to stains and aggressive chemicals, it can take the heat of very hot pots which does not leave permanent mark. 

ULTRACEM resistance to very high temperature can be tested with a cigarette being crushed onto the surface without leaving any trace.

ULTRACEM are manually surfaced, each is sanded down and polished with different possibilities of tone from mat, satin to gloss.

It can be mixed with fine sand to produce granite like surface (with shades in white, grey and black)

It can also show a rough surface, similar to those of concrete.

ULTRACEM passed the American standard test part of ASTMD1308 and a number of other different tests.

ASTM1308 covers determination of the effect of various household chemicals on clear finishes, resulting in an objectionable alteration in the surface, such as discolouration, change in gloss, blistering, softening, swelling, loss of adhesion, or special phenomena.

Tops made of ULTRACEM can be used indoors and outdoors.

Minimum orders apply. Suitable for larger commercial projects.

Please contact us with your size requirements and we can advise lead times and pricing. 

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