Welcome to Lincoln Brooks

With over 40 years of experience, Lincoln Brooks offers a comprehensive range of furniture tailored to suit any interior or exterior fit-out. For more than 40 years, we have been supplying superior, high-end products both locally and internationally, always designed with the end user in mind.

Large-scale hospitality venues, hotels, restaurants, cafes, interior designers, and decorators can specify Lincoln Brooks products with confidence. As we use our manufacturing facilities, we maintain complete control over the quality of both materials and workmanship. This allows us to customise our existing product line or create unique designs to meet your specific brief, ensuring exceptional results every time.


The Originals

We strive to create furniture that stands apart from the rest. Inspired by bygone eras of design, we meticulously source and transport these timeless designs to our factories. There, we carefully dissect and recreate them, ensuring that each piece honours its original essence while being perfectly suited for the modern world. This approach not only preserves the authenticity of the designs but also ensures they are cherished and admired for another lifetime.

Did you know?

Custom made

Lincoln Brooks provides an extensive array of design options, empowering you to customise each piece to your precise requirements. Select from a diverse selection of frame colours, fabric choices, weave variations, and designs, enabling you to craft a cohesive aesthetic that enhances your environment. Whether outfitting an interior space or seeking furniture suitable for outdoor use, our designs are flexible to accommodate your specifications. Additionally, we offer the option for clients to supply their own fabrics, further personalising the design process. Our adaptable pieces seamlessly transition between commercial and residential projects, ensuring versatility to meet a range of demands. Whatever your project entails, Lincoln Brooks is committed to delivering tailored solutions to exceed your expectations.


Created by hand